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MyMediasite has a new user interface. Go to the MyMediasite manual for more information.

NOTE: The Mediasite Desktop Recorder is not supported for MacOS Catalina (10.15), but it is possible to use the Mosaic desktop recorder instead, which can be downloaded from the App store.

This works similar to the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, you first download the Mosaic desktop recorder and then you should register.You do this by going to My Mediasite and taking the following steps:

1. Click on: Add Media
2. Click on: Click here in the sentence below (in the light green area):

Already downloaded the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, but not registered? Click here.

It is also possible to make the recording with another tool and upload the video in MyMediasite. For example with Screencast-O-Matic and PowerPoint. Other alternatives  can be found on this page under the heading ‘Lectures’:


MyMediasite account request

MyMediasite login